Sarah Larson Gets Wild at the Sundance Film Festival

According to Fox News, Sarah Larson, who is best known as the ex-girlfriend of Hollywood Hunk George Clooney, cut loose in a big way at the Sundance Film Festival over the weekend.

“Larson spent the weekend at the Sundance Film Festival prancing around Park City with a bevy of Sin City boys, but her behavior caused quite a bit of attention at the Hard Rock Hotel amp; Casino Las Vegas after-party for the flick “The Vicious Kind.” Larson snuck thru the back door of the Hollywood Life House late Saturday night and after what seemed to be a few too many drinks found herself provocatively grinding half a dozen guys on the dance floor — yes, all at once,” writes Holly McKay on

A Sarah Larson Sighting and Other Adventures with Celebrities

When you live in Los Angeles as long as I have, you tend to see a lot of celebrities. You see them at restaurants, coffeehouses, clothing stores, ice cream parlors, parks, or just strolling down the street. While I don’t get as star struck as I did when I was a younger – and much shallower – man, it’s always fun to spy a famous person in the streets of Hollywood.

Here is a short list of the celebrities I have spotted over the years: Warren Beatty, Michelle Pfeiffer, Katie Holmes, Mel Torme, Ryan O’Neal, Paul Lynde, Dennis Quaid, Dustin Hoffman, Howie Mandel, Sean Connery, Diane Keaton, Belinda Carlyle, Liev Shreiber, Tom Selleck, Craig Ferguson, Lorenzo Lamos, Christina Aguilera, Barbra Streisand, and the lovely young lady who is the topic of this article, Sarah Larson.

Some of the aforementioned celebrities would be considered to be members of the A-list. Sarah Larson is clearly not. In fact, she was a Las Vegas cocktail waitress when she met George Clooney. Nevertheless, I was happy to see her sipping coffee one day at a Starbucks in a fashionable area of Los Angeles a few months ago. I must admit, George Clooney has excellent taste in women, as Ms. Larson is very lovely in an exotic and delicate sort of way. Sad to say, though, she did not leap out of her chair and provocatively grind me. Who knows, had she been drinking alcohol instead of coffee, she just might have.