Kyra Phillips and John Roberts Welcome Twins! (What Will Mike Huckabee Think of This!?)

Kyra Phillips and John Roberts have welcomed twins! The babies were born around midnight Tuesday, giving the news reporter couple some good news of their own to share with the world.

The couple were blessed with a baby girl and a baby boy, naming them Sage Ann and Kellan Clay (nothing too crazy as far as celebrity baby names are concerned). It’s nice to see that some members of competing news networks can get along — 54-year-old John Roberts now works for FOX News, while 42-year-old Kyra Phillips hosts “CNN Newsroom.” But despite both news networks having some good news to report for once, one of their colleagues might not have anything nice to say about the birth of their twins.

While John Roberts and Kyra Phillips are older, they are not married, and John Roberts’ colleague Mike Huckabee (one of the FOX contributors who might run for president that didn’t have his contract suspended) evidently has a problem with unwed mothers giving birth.

But of course Mike Huckabee didn’t attack the unwed teen mother that’s the daughter of another FOX colleague that might run for President — instead he went after Natalie Portman. He called her out for glamorizing the idea of out-of-wedlock children, getting upset when he was criticized for criticizing Natalie (his response was to tell people to read his book that’s currently for sale to understand what he was trying to say). Like Natalie Portman, Kyra Phillips isn’t married to her baby daddy — the couple is just engaged.

So will Mike Huckabee have something to say about John Roberts’ and Kyra Phillips’ twins? After the backlash from his last statement, it’s highly doubtful, and the powers-that-be at FOX News would probably not be happy if he complained about a fellow employee’s situation.

So hopefully Kyra Phillips and John Roberts will get to enjoy some time with their twins with no drama, taking pride in the fact that they got the scoop as far as having celebrity twins this year goes — they beat the likes of Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon; Sam Trammell and Missy Yager; and Mary Stuart Masterson and Jeremy Davidson, celebrity couples that are all expecting twins in 2011.

So congrats to the happy couple and their little future brother-and-sister anchor team for being first with their breaking news!